Back Hand of God Organic Stout

Back Hand of God Organic Stout from Crannog Ales, Sorrento, BC

An enticing aroma of roasted barley leads to rich and roasty notes on the palate. Hop bitterness eases into the background and holds its own. The Back Hand of God reaches to the back of the throat and clutches directly , with no sign or sense that it is going to release you from its grip. This well balanced stout with juicy malt and roasted dryness, and a bitter finish directs one to have another, and its clearly at your own peril if you do not comply to the wishes of the Back Hand of God.

Taken at the Railway Club, Vancouver, BC

Real Life Moment

Alan was taking his morning fitness run early one sunny, summer day when a drunk lurched out of an alley and knocked him flat.

Alan rose to his feet and, recovered, set off again.

Behind him the drunk yelled: “Just how f**ckin’ long d’ya wanna live anyway?”

(as told by Julian Mulock)


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