Some Great Traditional Pubs in London, England (3)

The Lamb
92 Lamb’s Conduit St.,  Bloomsbury,  WC1N 3LZ

Originally dating from the 1720s, The Lamb, a classic Victorian pub, is a real charmer, an energetic, welcoming, friendly local, one of those pubs that is absolutely not to be missed when visiting London. Deservedly, The Lamb is often full to bursting, especially on Friday evenings.

Snob screens, or privacy screens, with inlaid etched glass, are a unique architectural design feature of the central bar. The snob screens, which swivel,  were designed to protect the identities of customers who may be having a business meeting or assignation with those with whom they shouldn’t.

Under a bright red painted ceiling, green banquettes along the length of most of the outer walls are fronted by three-legged pub tables that have a brass safety ring to keep the drinks on the table, and padded stools for the late arrivals.

This is a Young’s Brewery pub having all of the Young’s cask beers on hand pump, especially the Young’s Bitter, in excellent form.  There is a good restaurant upstairs, though a range of fine food can also be had in the pub.

My most recent visit in the summer of 2011 proved to be a struggle as the beers were warm and what I would call soft, not expressing themselves to their fullest. And while they were not off in flavour. as in infected, they certainly were not sparkling bright and zesty. Would I go back? Most certainly but I would be cautious in my ordering. Perhaps a half pint to start?


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