Some Great Traditional Pubs in London, England (6)

Market Porter
9 Stoney Street, SE1 9AA

The Market Porter pub, a vibrant free house, has a central bar with plenty of decorative wood panelling in support on the walls and a cozy back room for meeting friends. It’s been serving 100s of different cask ales over the years, pump clips from which decorate many areas of the pub, walls, partitions, the end-points of beams and above the bar. It also has a large on tap soon board to keep the interest of the punters sharp. The Kimberley Mild, ruby red in colour, had caramel malt and a soft bitterness from underneath, while the richly dark RCH Old Slug Porter was in fine form, weaving pale malt, dark malt and hops into a intriguing burst of flavors. Beers change regularly and a new cask of a different ale can quite literally vanish moments after being tapped and first served to lurking CAMRA members. The citrusy bitter Hophead from Dark Star in West Sussex did such a disappearing act but not before I had consumed several pints to hurry its demise at the bar.
The Market Porter is such a warm and relaxing place that a chap a few bar stools over changed out of his winter overcoat, removed his long-sleeved shirt and replaced it with a T-shirt. Now I can’t guarantee such a performance or that you even wish to witness such a one as this, but I can say that you will enjoy your time spent in this wonderful pub.
The pub can get very busy on market days, Friday and Saturday, just across the street from the pub at Borough Market, which is known for its excellent food products.


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