Stout Day, Yesterday, Too Busy to Post Kind of Day!

Fuller’s Double Stout

As part of its Past Master’s Heritage Series, Fuller’s Double Stout, at a hearty 7.4 percent abv,  delivers a polished ebony beer with roast and traces of rich, dark chocolate in the nose.

On the palate, dark chocolate leads roast barley in a merry dance. The finish has sweetish chocolate, roast, as in lightly blackened toast, with the alcohol load overlayed by the other flavours, though a soft tingle of alcohol pops out late.

Brewed by Fuller, Smith and Turner of London, England, which was established in 1845.

Check out for more info on the brewing of this stout. Fuller’s Double Stout highlights Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with 85% Cacao to perfection as an after dinner treat. 



Renaissance Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

The Renaissance Brewing Company of Marlborough, New Zealand, released its Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, hitting 4.9 percent abv, early enough for it to be included in stout day on the shores of Canada.

Showing a glassy ebony colour, it presents a dense mocha coloured head of foam.

The cocoa is so prominent in the nose that it pins back the ears of the roast and barley malt. On the palate, rich, dark chocolate leads the pack, relentlessly chased by roast flavours and bittering hops.

Certainly the cocoa nibs, added at three stages during the brewing process, revel in the forward position but roast and just enough hop bitterness seep through in the finish to give this stout balance and make it all to come neatly together.

Pairs well with chocolate-based desserts and straight forward dark chocolate as noted above, with the Fuller’s Double Stout!


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