King Pilsner–Beer Twister in a Glass

In a clean and cold rinsed glass, and with no apparent off flavours or aromas, this King Pilsner produced this unusual phenomenon, a beer twister in a regular sleeve glass.

Utilizing a unique short fermentation period, which is followed by a long lagering period, King Pilsner at 5 percent abv, from the King Brewery, Nobleton, Ontario, Canada, steps out with a heady aroma of hops and underlying malt. Fairly full in the mouth with both malt and hops intertwined, there follows a balanced thrust of hop bitterness and malt in the flavourful finish. Made from distilled water that has been mineralized to replicate the waters of Pilsen, 100 percent true Pilsner malt, all Czech Saaz hops and a dedicated Czech yeast strain, King Pilsner delivers big time flavours after a full 60-day cycle of brewing, fermentation and aging.


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