Vienna–City of Music and Beer


When a young waitress at the 1516, 18 Krugerstr,Vienna, Austria, found that we were visiting from Canada she excitedly told us this story. She said she had taken the trip of her life to Ontario, Canada. She had flown to Toronto, with a brief stopover, and then had flown on to Sioux Lookout in the far northern part of the province to spend a summer week in the forest, presumably battling black flies and stiffling heat and humidity. She claimed that Europe did not offer such fabulous opportunities for adventure. We were suitably awed, having given up camping many years ago after being soaked in a tent.

On the positive side, the 1516, a brewpub, brewed a very fair match of an American style pale ale called Victory Hop Devil. I made several visits to the 1516 to sample this fine ale, having had my fill of pilsners, lagers in any other language. On one such visit, I found the meticulous brewers pouring over the brewing notes for one of the beers brewed on-site, making sure that no errors in ingredient calculations or times for hop additions occurred.

Sitting outside the 1516 drinking beer, what else, I observed a very well dressed woman with a swank car who came to the rear door of the car, opened it and meticulously placed her sizeable black handbag on the back seat. She closed the door sharply and then opened the driver’s side door, got in, closed that door, cranked the engine and drove off.

I ordered another Hop Devil.

Victory Hop Devil Ale, a strong ale hitting 6.7 percent abv, as brewed by the Victory Brewing Co. of Downington, PA, USA. A reddish brown coloured ale with an almond foam of good proportions, Victory Hop Devil Ale serves up aggressively bold, grassy hop aromas. Delicious malt is liberally laced with green, grassy hops. Hopheads rejoice at the long lasting hop bitter finish with generous supporting malt, and just a whiff of late alcohol. Very moreish! Indeed.


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