Overheard in Pub…Where Else?

(Obviously, no pub is to blame for people’s comments, so no image this time out!)


“My eldest son is a year away from completing his degree. My other son is a drug dealer, probably go to jail. But that’s okay with me.” Said by a man to a barmaid.

“I don’t know what he knows. But I do know he makes $5,000 an hour.” Said a publican to a punter.

“I think in the end I didn’t leave with him.” One woman confiding in another woman.

“Is it really you?” Pause. “I’ve never seen you with your pants on before.” One man to another man.

“Praise the Lord for lack of evidence.” Said a mother to a vicar about her son who looked very much a criminal.

“I have a lot respect for her. But I still think she is an a..hole.” One woman speaking of another woman.

“This was a letter that was actually mailed?” One woman said to another woman.

“You only die once?” One woman said incredulously to another woman.


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