Splendid Stouts For St. Patrick’s Day

stouts desire - Copy

Wild Irish Rogue, also known as Shakespeare Stout, is brewed by the Rogue Brewery, Newport, Oregon, Great Northwest Harrington and Klages, crystal and Beeston chocolate malts, cascade hops, rolled oats and roasted barley, free range coastal waters and top fermenting yeast all find their way into the mix. It is 15 Plato, 69 IBUs, 135.45 degrees lovibond, ebony in colour, read black, and 6.1 percent abv. It is a very good, well balanced, stout with chocolate and roasted flavours vying with hops in a neat collection of flavours. Best overall descriptions of a beer’s contents on its embossed label.

Swans Oatmeal Stout is a 5.4 percent abv oatmeal stout brewed at the Buckerfield Brewery at Swans Hotel in Victoria, BC. This is an ebony coloured ale with ruby accents, having a fresh brewed coffee coloured head of thick foam of mostly small beaded carbonation. Roast barley, strong malted barley notes and hints of alcohol that suggest a greater alcohol attack to come present forthrightly in the nose. Swans Oatmeal Stout is a fairly full bodied stout. On the palate, frontal assault of bold roasted barley flavours, followed by hop bitterness, a touch of malt sweetness and wet grain combine to give a creamy mouthfeel. Middle has dry roasted flavours that are strongly supported by hop bitterness. Long, creamy dry finish. A fine brew very much in style, with flavour notes making quick impressions in the mouth like a multi-car train zipping through a station. Unfiltered, therefore brewers’ yeast in the bottle. Unpasteurized. Bottling brewpub in Victoria, BC.

Kentucky Bastard Russian Imperial Stout, brewed by the Nickel Brook Brewing Company of Burlington, weighs in at a hefty 10 percent abv, with a mouth-watering 70 IBUs. Kentucky Bastard pours a satiny pitch black coal colour with a dense coffee accented head of foam. On the nose, aromas of roast, bourbon barrel goodness, alcohol and chocolate burst forth enticingly. Roast, a kiss of dark chocolate, then more warming alcohol notes flavour the palate. The finish is extended, featuring semi-sweet dark chocolate, heated alcohol, toast and fine supporting hop bitterness to hold it all together. Kentucky Bastard was aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels to good effect.


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