José Martí, Bold and Beautiful from Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, Florida

José Martí, an India-Style porter clocks in at 8 percent abv, and is brewed by Cigar City Brewing of Tampa, Florida, USA. This ebony coloured ale, okay, it’s pitch black, reveals 65 IBUs of hops, roast notes and black licorice that spring sharply from the tasting glass. Roast and hops combine to deliver a decisive blow to the palate, that is, bitter and a bit raw like a street fighter taking umbrage and no prisoners.

Still, it settles down and comes across as a gentleman with a point to make; ‘this is how porters were meant to taste’. So buck up and get it down your throat without ructions. It’s a bit like chewing on a Cuban cigar but of the very finest variety. It showcases a dry finish.



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