The Snowshill Arms–Another Cotswold Gem


The Snowshill Arms, in the tidy village of Snowshill, Gloucestershire, built of the luscious golden Cotswold limestone, sits adjacent to an eclectic manor house held by the National Trust. By all means visit the manor if you are thus inclined but I usually walk uphill the 2.5 miles from Broadway for the local Donnington Brewery ales on cask at the Arms alongside fine food.

The landlord, Dave, can often be spotted having a ‘sharpener’, the first drink of the day or starter beer of the day, at 11 am at the Crown and Trumpet in Broadway, Worcestershire, before starting his day at the Snowshill Arms.

291 - CopyOn a recent visit I was pleased to see that Donnington had introduced a sharp tasting golden ale with a citrusy flavour, a big change from the more malt-driven brews in its stable such as BB and SBA. I had a ploughman’s lunch and a few jars on cask of Donnington Gold, nicely balanced and easy drinking at 4 percent abv.

Somewhere around the middle of the pub is a painting of a local poacher painted by a former Broadway-based artist, Dawn Cookson. Some of her art can be found at the National Portrait Gallery in London.


Some years ago I met Dawn Cookson through my wife’s grandmother who used to travel with her on painting expeditions to Italy. And it was here to The Snowshill Arms that Dawn drove us for lunch all those years ago.

On the way out, I said hi to Dave, who was just arriving from Broadway. I wasn’t sure if he recognized me from the Crown and Trumpet sightings but I had another walk ahead of me, this time downhill, before I could get more refreshment.


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