Chicago: The Public House


The Public House (Gastropub and Dining Hall) is an expansive and sharp looking downtown bar with a front patio, which can be viewed from the inside from tables situated just behind folding glass windows. There is a fine tap list to behold alongside some tasty treats on the menu.

On the beer front, there is plenty of variety, from West Coast IPA from Green Flash in California, to Fist City from the Revolution Brewing Company located in Chicago.


At the back of the house there is an unusual display of inverted green glass bottles contained in a wooden framework and back-lit to good effect. Here at the back you will also find eight-people stations with three taps for drinks, be it beer, wine or whatever you may want to choose from the menu on the computer.

There also an upstairs seating area for special functions and spill-over. While it was certainly a hit with the younger crowd, older people would not feel out of place during the noon hour, though this may change after dark.
Check them out at 400 North State.