Canada 150 Tulips in London, England

Canada flowers

Victoria Embankment Gardens in central London celebrates the sesquicentennial with plantings of the Canada 150 tulip – white leaves and red flames echoing the maple leaf flag.

canada 150 flowers


Broadway, Worcestershire, England: Golden Gem

I’ve been to the beautiful village of Broadway many times. Here are a few images that suggest why I like to return so much!


Looking up the curve of the High Street as evening settles on the village.


The Old Stables on the High Street is resplendent in its golden stone.


An inviting courtyard off the High Street begs the question of what might lie beyond?


St. Michael and All Angels Church, circa 1840, the other side of which lies my favourite pub, The Crown and Trumpet.


Impressive buds of garlic showcased at the Broadway Deli. Fine meats and vegetables are found here. Tea and coffee, breakfast and light lunches are also served.

King Pilsner–Beer Twister in a Glass

In a clean and cold rinsed glass, and with no apparent off flavours or aromas, this King Pilsner produced this unusual phenomenon, a beer twister in a regular sleeve glass.

Utilizing a unique short fermentation period, which is followed by a long lagering period, King Pilsner at 5 percent abv, from the King Brewery, Nobleton, Ontario, Canada, steps out with a heady aroma of hops and underlying malt. Fairly full in the mouth with both malt and hops intertwined, there follows a balanced thrust of hop bitterness and malt in the flavourful finish. Made from distilled water that has been mineralized to replicate the waters of Pilsen, 100 percent true Pilsner malt, all Czech Saaz hops and a dedicated Czech yeast strain, King Pilsner delivers big time flavours after a full 60-day cycle of brewing, fermentation and aging.

San Diego Images

Crystal Pier as seen from level three of Tower 23, Pacific Beach.

A red rose in the Rose Garden, adjacent to Balboa Park, home to San Diego’s galleries and museums.

Pacific Ocean surf breaks sharply under Crystal Pier, some 872 feet from shore.

Over the course of a day, the price for mimosas steadily rises at the Bare Back Grill, Pacific Beach.

The old Point Loma Lighthouse, now a museum, overlooks San Diego’s inner harbour, some 427 feet above sea level.

Red wine and a setting sun at Jordan’s in Tower 23, Pacific Beach.

Trees and potholes

Even the recent spell of warm weather has not released these trees from their burlap bindings here in Toronto!

Even as Toronto struggles with a shrinking economy and the proposed need to elevate taxes, the city has come up with a unique way to deal with the increasing number of potholes…the use of corn meal as a sealant on the Danforth!