Little Beasts Brewing Company

I managed to nab a few brews from the Little Beasts Brewing Company of Whitby, Ontario, CA. Some interesting naming of the beers and very sharp graphics give them an edge at shelf level.

pinionHere is my take on them. First up is, Pinion, a 5.5 percent abv American pale ale. It pours a pale golden colour, releasing notes of fresh malt, wet grains and wheat malt. It is a very pleasantly hopped ale with staying power through to a fine, crisp finish.

This was followed by Mountain Devil, a 6.5 percent abv West Coast style IPA. This pale golden coloured ale has notes of spice and pine, as in deep conifer woods. The malty, biscuity, backbone ably supports a thrust of hop flavours. There are further luscious hop notes in its extended, bitter finish.

New Radio is an American stout riding in at 6 percent abv. The black tarmac coloured beer is topped with a mocha accented head of fine beaded foam. On the nose, roast, toast and dark chocolate all vie for attention. On the palate, expect dark chocolate and roast to meet with balancing hop bitterness. The finish has malt, chocolate, hop bitterness and a light chalkiness intertwined in a fine flavour bundle.

Little Beasts also has The Constant, a 4.5 percent American blonde ale. It pours a veiled golden colour, while releasing notes of tropical fruit and fresh malt underneath. On the palate, it is hop forward and crisp in nature. The finish is sprightly with a flexible malt core that carries the hop bitterness happily along its route.

Nihilist is an imperial stout rolling in at a hefty 9.5 percent abv. It pours a pitch black colour with a mocha accented foam. The nose is of a dark roast that is slightly charred. On the palate, roast and dark chocolate descend into a background hop bitterness, with all vying for attention. The finish is bitter at first as the beer warms slightly, then roast playfully encases the chocolate element.

La Saison d’automme sails in at 7 percent abv. It is a bright rosé in colour. Effervescent on first pour, it releases fruity aromas, think boysenberry if you can, and spicy notes. Next, tart fruit sharply attacks the palate. It has a bit of raspberry taste but in fact it is the boysenberry that is front and centre here. The finish is drying and tart.

run-santa-webAnd finally, Run Santa Run from Little Beasts harkens toward a winter warmer. It pours black with reddish hues. The nose is of fresh toast, with spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. On the palate, warming alcohol flows forward on a robust malt base. The finish is full in the mouth, rich, vigorous and highly drinkable!


Ontario Brews

Town Brewery of Whitby has opened with Levon Saison, a 6 percent abv Belgian style
saison. It is a pale lemon coloured beer that is quite effervescent in nature. The initial action is a tongue-tapping spiciness, with cloves to the forefront. On the palate, the aromatics fold over and deliver vigorous spice notes. The finish is on-form and sprightly.

Next up is a collaboration of the Town Brewery with Muddy York of Toronto in brewing New England IIPA, an 8.7 percent abv brew that is big, bold and beautiful. It is suitably hazy and pale orange in colour. There is a sprightly burst of citrus aromas. On the palate, it is surprisingly gentle on the hop bitterness front. However, the bitterness builds neatly and assumes its rightful place directing the show right through to the gloriously bitter finish.

Town Brewery has also released Mash of the Titans IPA, a 6.5 percent abv beer. It pours a cloudy pale yellow colour and is citrusy and effervescent. On the palate, fruit and bitterness are seemingly masked by the density of suspended material. The finish is tangy and mildly bitter. I suspect that there is a big beer lurking somewhere in the mists.

Prospect DDH Simcoe Single Hop IPA, brewed by the Left Field Brewery of Toronto, rides in at 6.7 percent abv. It pours a veiled straw colour, while releasing aromatics of tropical fruit, spice and a deep forest green. This is followed by a smack-down of hop bitterness, with just a kiss of the barley to carry it all forward. The finish is boldly bitter and increasingly moreish!

jamie mistryThe Common Good Beer Company of Toronto began brewing as a contract brewery in 2016 according to co-founder Jamie Mistry (left). Over 90 percent of what they brew is contract, for the likes of Radical Road, Black Bellows, Danforth, Beaches and Lost Craft.

The 35 hectolitre, five vessel, Newlands brewhouse is located in a 12,000 square foot building. The brewery has 14 X 70 hectolitre fermenters and 3 X 70 hectolitre bright tanks.

Common Good has released Caught in an Eddy Session IPA as part of its Brewers’ Series. This pale-straw coloured ale tops out at 3.9 percent abv and it has a gentle, refreshing hop presence on the nose. On the palate, hop bitterness slides forward and embraces a resilient malt backbone. The finish is hop-forward and sustained to a level that suggests another might be in order, an order?!


Also, from Common Good comes its Bonsai Kitten White IPA, a 7.7 percent abv polished, pale gold coloured ale. It presents crisp malt with a cut of the hop on the nose. On the palate, malt leads the way but hop bitterness surges forward and above the alcohol. The finish is clean and increasingly bitter.

Dry Hop Pils from Common Good has a bright, pale yellow colour and aromatics of spicy fresh hops. On the palate, sprightly, peppery hops deliver a forthright message of goodness. This is followed by a long, engaging, floral and bitter finish.

The Sociable Pilsner is a German style pilsner brewed by Common Good to 4.7 percent abv, while delivering 35 IBUs of bitterness. It pours a sparkling golden colour, while releasing fresh grain and light hop notes. Malt and hops co-mingle happily on the palate. The crisp finish is refreshingly bitter.

The Amsterdam Brewery of Toronto has loaded up the hops on its Fracture Imperial IPA to the tune of 95 IBUs. This 9.1 percent abv ale has an amber colour. Pithy pine and citrus notes are prevalent on the nose. On the palate, hop bitterness assertively parts the waves of malt goodness. The finish belies its 95 IBUs–while it is pungently bitter, it does not overwhelm!

From the unusually named Orange Snail Brewers Limited of Milton comes Iron Pig Pale Ale, a 5 percent abv orange coloured beer. Aromas of sweetish malt and a light spiciness are presented early. On the palate, a light bitterness intersects the malt core. The finish sees the single malt grain gain the upper hand over the hop presence in this unpasteurized ale.

Working Twice as Hard DIPA is brewed by the Muddy York Brewing Company of Toronto to 8.2 percent abv and 30 IBUs. This cloudy, golden coloured ale has a nose of tropical fruit. On the palate, a pleasantly soft hop bitterness intertwines with a flexible malt backbone. The finish is gentle on the hop expression and the alcohol does not rise to the top and request undo attention.

Cerbeerus, a 5.2 percent abv collaborative wet hop pilsner brewed by Brunswick Bierworks and Muddy York, features three additions of Perle hops. It pours a bright gold colour and releases floral hops on the nose. This is followed a forthright hop attack on the palate. The finish delivers more wonderful hop flavours to enthrall.

A collaborative brew from the Eastbound Brewing Company, Toronto, and the Sawdust City Brewing Company, Huntsville, has resulted in a festive brew, Hold On, I’m Comin’ Home for the Holidays, a Belgian Christmas ale topping out at 8.5 percent abv. This polished auburn coloured ale showcases spicy aromatics of cinnamon and nutmeg. On the palate, sweetish malt is embraced by spices, with the alcohol in check. The finish is bright, with a splash of alcohol overlaying rich, chewy malt and Christmas spices.

Eastbound also released Fresh Start Idaho 7 APA, riding in at 5 percent abv. It pours a pale golden colour with a slight haze. There is a whiff of fresh green hops on the nose. On the palate, a sprightly hop presence leads to a strengthening hop bitterness. The lasting, bitter finish entices greatly as the delicious hop bitterness grows in intensity to that level where you not only want another one, but you order it!

Town Brewery
1632 Charles Street
Whitby ON L1N 1B9
905 666 3838

Common Good Beer Company
475 Ellesmere Road
Scarborough ON M1R 4E5
416 639 6579