Cornwall, England. Seven.


Let the locals tell you how to pronounce Fowey.

fowey harbour

Pleasure craft dot the harbour of Fowey.


rook with a book fowey

Rook with a Book. Author Daphne du Maurier, who was born in London, lived in Fowey and wrote The Birds, which was adapted by Alfred Hitchcock for a film by the same name in 1963. This piece of art was created by the Thrussells, a father and son team.

the ship inn fowey

The Ship Inn, the oldest pub in Fowey, affords tasty cask ales such as Proper Job.


Cornwall, England. Six


proper job glass

The pre-eminent brewery, St. Austell, has beer in many places, including in The Custom House.

Padstow Harbour

Padstow Harbour

sand padstow

While the harbour is known for its pleasure craft, it is still a working harbour.

lobster padstow

A huge lobster resides at the Heritage Lobster Hatchery.

The Mariners Rock

The Mariners in Rock is a short ferry ride across the River Camel estuary.


Six Hop IPA Rock

Two excellent cask ales for extended sampling at The Mariners.







Cornwall, England. Five.

ferry crossing on chain

Took the ferry to Truro and came upon the King Harry Ferry Bridge, a vehicular chain ferry crossing the estuary of the River Fal.

the old ale house

Arrived in Truro after a short bus ride as it was low tide and the ferry was unable to dock right in the town. Dumped my bags at my hotel and retired to The Old Ale House, which is owned by the Skinners Brewery.

skinners cornish knockerskinners sennen

A couple of the fine cask ales brewed by Skinners.

the thomas daniell

Not far from my accommodation, I discovered The Thomas Daniell, with its unusual cask dispense system and fine food to match the great ales.

church truro

The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a Church of England cathedral built between 1880 and 1910. It is only one of three cathedrals with three spires in the United Kingdom.


the rising sun

Took a  hike up a hill to another good pub, The Rising Sun, in Truro for cask ales.

Cornwall, England. Four.


Falmouth hotel

The Falmouth Hotel is noted for its Victorian architecture. The hotel dates from 1865 and overlooks Falmouth Bay.


Falmouth ships and camper vans

Falmouth has a very deep harbour where a large number of cargo ships anchor in the bay.  And Falmouth University has rapidly grown, perhaps by students inspired by comedienne Dawn French as its chancellor!?

the seven stars falmouth

The Seven Stars is a Grade II listed pub, having received its initial licence in 1660.

Cornwall, England. Three

St. Ives

I travelled by train to St. Ives on the west coast and made my way to the Pedn Olva Hotel overlooking the frothing sea below.

St. Ives harbour water

High tide.

St. Ives harbour sandLow tide.

the pilchard press SI

A friend had been to St. Ives earlier in the year and he had recommended The Pilchard Press, up an alleyway. I dutifully went and loved its small, intimate surroundings filled with locals and a good selection of ever-changing cask ales.

The Castle Inn St.Ives

The Castle Inn is another fine pub in St. Ives. Fine food and ale can be had here.


Cornwall, England, Two

Penzance to St. Michael’s Mount

Mount from afar

It was a hot and hazy day when I set off to walk the coastal route from Penzance to St. Michael’s Mount, a distance of five miles.

approach to mount

I finally reached the cobblestone walkway that had been revealed at low tide, steadily making my way on the uneven stones toward St. Michael’s Mount in the distance.


By the time I finally reached St. Michael’s Mount, the wait to get in was over an hour. My heart sank. I wiped the sweat from my brow and resolved to tour the outer walls of the harbour and the garden.


Having returned to Marazion, it was finally time to treat myself to a cask ale and lunch at The King’s Arms.

Cornwall, England

I spent most of August 2019 in Cornwall, England. This was my first visit to the county and it delivered panoramic views, great pubs and fine cask ales in abundance. I started in Penzance, and no I did not see a single pirate, just people immensely enjoying the seaside. I have selected a few images to highlight each area of Cornwall that I witnessed. And I did almost four weeks in England with only a carry-on bag, two weeks of clean clothes and the use of hotel washing services. I travelled by airplanes, trains, underground, buses, boats, taxis and on foot.



A view from my hotel room toward St. Michael’s Mount in the distance.

the dock inn

The engaging lady behind the bar at The Dock Inn must have been a huge fan of comedienne Dawn French as she had her down pat, serving up great banter with the regulars and tourists alike.


blue sky night

A stunning moonlit evening shot.

black night sky

A few nights later the sky was black and foreboding.

the longboat

The Longboat was reliable for food and cask ale.

the turks head

The Turk’s Head is the oldest pub in Penzance, having associations with pirates over 700 years ago.


The Bartons Arms, Birmingham, England

bartons arms exterior

The Bartons Arms, Villa, Birmingham, dates from 1901 and is a grade II listed building with a stunning interior. It is owned by Oakham Ales of Peterborough. It serves authentic Thai cuisine of a very high standard. Expect a good range of Oakham’s cask ales, a few guest taps and some cider.

bartons arms interior

The Oakham Citra was in fine form and paired very well with the excellent Thai food.

While we walked here from the Bullring, we opted for a quick taxi ride back into the core of Birmingham, landing near to the Wellington and our hotel.


CAMRA Approved Pub…Not Behaviour!

The…Central London, England.

Mr. Happy at a pub in London.
I asked for a taster of an ale and then, having liked it, asked and was served two pints of the same sampled cask ale.

Nice brew. Spey Valley IPA at 4.6 per abv., with a malty start and then the hops kicked in with abandon. A very fine brew. Please, don’t blame them!

The initial exchange was less than cordial, a disapproving grunt at best.

So. Mr Happy. Why are you so out of sorts?

<The verbal bits imagined as the barman was unable to speak!>

Well. Let me tell you.
As if you will listen?
First. You want a free taster. And then. Having had that. You expect me to pour two full pints.
And then you expect change from a tenner.
And then you expect me to be cordial after all those demands!
You people are beyond belief!
You fuckin’ foreigners!
Bloody hell!
Make my life miserable, or what?
Thanks so much!

“Love you too!”

Obviously, a pic would give it away!